Base Meeting and Events


When: 1st Saturday of every month, 12 Noon (unless otherwise posted).


Hope you can join us at our next meeting. Wives and guests are invited. 

Saturday, April Meeting - April 4, 2024 -- Note location change.
      Thirsty Badger Bar & Grill (Family friendly): 2683 Prairie Ave. Beloit, Wisc.

Saturday, April Meeting - May 4 , 2024 -- Location:  Thirsty Badger Bar & Grill, 2683 Prairie Ave. Beloit, Wisc.

Saturday, June Meeting - June 1, 2024 -- Location: Thirsty Badger Bar & Grill, 2683 Prairie Ave. Beloit, Wisc.. 

Our Gallery

Join us as we salute submarines within our communities

The USS Illinois Base makes itself known in the community sharing submarine stories with others. We attend a lot of community trade shows, flea markets, fairs, flyovers and other military support events. Next time you attend a special function, look for us, and stop by and introduce yourself. We are most proud of our involvement in "Operation Drydock," which is seeking donations to help preserve a local historical treasurer, the USS Cobia, a WWII submarine moored in the water of the Manitowoc River, in Manitowoc, Wisc. The boat is due for a good cleaning of her haul--especially that below the surface. We are trying to raise $2.5 million to make this possible. Donations are tax-deductible.

Join us as we help restore the USS Cobia (SS-245)

Members of the USS Illinois Base joined other “Bubbleheads” in Manitowoc, Wis. three to four times a year to help spruce up the USS Cobia in preparation for SubFest in July. By the end of the trip, they were masters of both scraping and painting. This WWII boat has Smithsonian recognition for volunteers restoring the Cobia to her original 1943 configuration. Interested in help keep submarine history alive? We look for sub sailors and their families, or just submarine enthusiasts to join us in these working parties. Contact us for details.

Share in the Camaraderie

USS Illinois Base is a veteran’s organization based in northern IL and southern WI that holds meetings and events to both honor fallen submariners and foster camaraderie among active and veteran submariners. As a sub-organization of USSVI, we support a strong submarine force. Join us as a member or associate member today! We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting.