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Our History

We’re a not-for-profit veteran’s organization that pays homage to our country’s rich submarine history and supports a strong submarine force. We are one of the newest bases (one of more than 162) that make up the United States Submarine Veterans, Inc. (USSVI), a premier organization for submarine veterans, active duty submariners, and friends and fans of submarines.

Chartered in August 2015, the US Illinois Base selected its name in honor of one of the United States’ newest Virginia Class submarines, the USS Illinois (SSN-786). USS Illinois Base members reside primarily in northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin, traveling to monthly Base meetings for fun and camaraderie with fellow submariners.

For more detailed information about United States Submarine Veterans, Inc., visit USSVI.org. USSVI has a long, rich history, having been chartered in 1964.  Today USSVI recognizes more than 12,900 members.

Membership – how to join

Membership is open to all qualified U.S. Submariners (Active Duty and Veterans). If you did not qualify aboard a boat, but have a love for the boats, you are eligible to join as an Associate Member. An Associate Member is a person who is not eligible for regular membership but is closely associated with a regular member (such as a spouse, family member, shipyard employee, etc).

To become a member of the USS Illinois Base, you must first become a member of USSVI. Click on the USSVI Membership Application button below for a printable copy. Bring this application to a USS Illinois Base meeting or mail it as directed on the form. At your first Base meeting, we will help you complete the Base application.

The Annual Dues are as follows — please note that multiple savings are available for members selecting lifetime, 5-year, or 3-year terms. See the application for details:

USSVI Dues:$25 annual dues (January 1 - December 31)
Base Dues$20 annual dues (January 1 - December 31)
USSVI Application

We want you!

Contact us for additional information, or join us at our next meeting.